• Always be prepared for the possibility of a flood

    At Goldman Industrial Manufacturing Company we believe in providing the best-quality services at the most competitive prices without compromising the integrity of the project. Goldman Industrial Manufacturing Company recognizes that each client has a unique set of needs fueled by lifestyle, budget, taste and/or location. We strive to exceed customer expectations by developing comprehensive, creative, custom-tailored solutions. In addition, Goldman Industrial Manufacturing Company offers seamless one-stop shopping -  from supply of Absorbeez water-absorbent bags, to the production of Steel Nails, production, supply and installation of precast concretes such as: Interlocking stones, Curb stones, Culvert Rings, Fencing Poles, High and Low Tension Electric poles, including; Equipment Leasing, Transportation and Oil & Gas Contractors. Our professional staff guides our clients step-by-step through design, scheduling and implementation of all projects from start to finish. Give us a call today.!   Read More
  • Absorbeez water absorbent bags

    Always be prepared for the possibility of a flood. Read More
  • Interlocking brick can be used for driveways, patios, walkways, and around pools

    These are precast concrete curbs termed as the “unsung heroes of our roads and streets, ensuring the safety of road users and pedestrians, and contributing to the paved environment over many years.” A well designed site will have paid due importance to appending details like Curbstones, precast drain covers, manhole covers etc. Very good quality of these materials will be as important in realizing an aesthetic value to the project. Goldman Industrial Manufacturing Company we are making the effort to ensure that the best of curbing options are offered to complement the range of the finest paving material offered and we also understand that this is a product segment that will need to be constantly evolving. Read More
  • Precast Concrete Culvert Pipes

    Reinforce Concrete O-Ring (Storm Drain) Pipe Goldman Industrial Manufacturing Company provides a complete line of standard and specially designed reinforced concrete o-ring (storm drain) pipe for various storm water applications such as: Storm Drains, Culverts, Storm Sewers & Irrigation etc.  To learn more, or to request a special price quote for reinforce concrete o-ring (storm drain) pipe, please feel free to contact our team today. Read More
  • Low & High Tension Poles

      Goldman Industrial Manufacturing Company manufactures both low and high electric poles which are prestressed elements cast with advanced extrusion technique.   Our P.C.C. (Pre-cast/Reinforced)  concrete-cement  (PCC)  Poles  are  essentially  made of  concrete/ reinforced steels which  are inevitably  less costly and more economically  maintainable  than the  conventional  steel poles. We manufacture two  types  depending upon  the end use of the pole; Low tension and High tension line. The latter is primarily used for transmission of electricity. Our manufactured low and high tension poles go  through  vibration to produce high  strength  concrete poles.  After 72 hours, the tension is released and the molding done. We test  to ascertain the strength of our poles before they are supplied to our clients.   Read More
  • Steel Nails Production

    Goldman Limited we combine the value we put on the quality in production and the specialization depending on the experience of years. Our products are manufactured with latest technology, under high quality standards. Our steel nail products are made from special steel and are hardened with heat treatment. They are used as join material for wood, concrete and metal. They move along smoothly on the spot they are nailed and hold there due to the helical or flat knurls on the nail surface and the sharp angle of the nail. Read More
  • Oil & Gas

    With years’ of experience, Goldman Industrial Manufacturing Company delivers optimal engineering solutions to the oil, gas and petrochemicals sectors around the world. We closely integrate with our clients by understanding their challenges and needs. As long-term partners we are often reappointed by our clients for the safe and timely implementation of fast track projects. Our full range of services spans from concept to commissioning, including advisory and feasibility studies. Whether for small or large scale projects, onshore and offshore we help our clients overcome their challenges in the most culturally and geographically diverse environments. Read More
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  • Absorbeez

    Absorbeez are the original water-absorbent bags and they absorb more water than anything else we Read More
  • Precast Concrete Products

    Goldman Industrial Manufacturing Company manufactures high quality precast concrete products using state-of-the-art facilities, processes and Read More
  • Who We Are

    At Goldman Industrial Manufacturing Company we believe in providing the best-quality services at the most Read More
  • Contact Us

    Our Locations: Kilometer 3Melford Okilo Expressway,Igbogene, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State,Nigeria.Tel: (+234) 0700GOLDMAN 4 Forces Avenue,Old GRA, Read More
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Precast Concrete Products

Interlocking Blocks

Interlocking Blocks

09 September 2015

In Goldman Industrial Manufacturing Company we manufacture range of interlocking...