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At Goldman Industrial Manufacturing Company we believe in providing the best-quality services at the most competitive prices without compromising the integrity of the project. Goldman Industrial Manufacturing Company recognizes that each client has a unique set of needs fueled by lifestyle, budget, taste and/or location. We strive to exceed customer expectations by developing comprehensive, creative, custom-tailored solutions.


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Goldman Industrial Manufacturing Company manufactures high quality precast concrete products using state-of-the-art facilities, processes and equipment, integrated under controlled conditions. Several different processes are used, each capable of producing precast concrete products that conforms to the requirements of applicable standards. The following sections provide an overview of the materials used to produce a concrete product of consistently high quality. Each of the materials is covered by an ASTM standard relative to its properties and methods of testing. We supply and install our concrete products to all Areas are requested by our client.

Our manufactured products are:


Interlocking Stones

In Goldman Industrial Manufacturing Company we manufacture range of pavers that are technically well designed, high quality precast concrete and are available in several design and finish options.

From the toughest application of infrastructural applications like Roads and Highways, Ports, Container Yards, Warehouses, Industrial application etc. on one hand, to the value added paving surfaces for internal roads of real estate developments to all sorts of hardscaped surfaces on the other, the Goldman Industrial Manufacturing Company interlocking blocks offer excellent options in terms of strength, shapes, sizes colours etc. read more…



These are precast concrete curbs termed as the “unsung heroes of our roads and streets, ensuring the safety of road users and pedestrians, and contributing to the paved environment over many years.” A well designed site will have paid due importance to appending details like Curbstones, precast drain covers, manhole covers etc. Very good quality of these materials will be as important in realizing an aesthetic value to the project. read more…


Culvet Rings

Goldman Industrial Manufacturing Company provides a complete line of standard and specially designed reinforced concrete o-ring (storm drain) pipe for various storm water applications such as: Storm Drains, Culverts, Storm Sewers & Irrigation etc. read more…


Low and high Electric Tension Poles

Goldman Industrial Manufacturing Company manufactures both low and high electric poles which are prestressed elements cast with advanced extrusion technique. Our P.C.C. (Pre-cast/Reinforced)  concrete-cement  (PCC)  Poles  are  essentially  made of  concrete/ reinforced steels which  are inevitably  less costly and more economically  maintainable  than the  conventional  steel poles. read more…

Contact Us

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Our Locations:

Kilometer 3
Melford Okilo Expressway,
Igbogene, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State,
Tel: (+234)  0700GOLDMAN


4 Forces Avenue,
Old GRA, Port Harcourt, Rivers State,
Tel: (+234)  0700GOLDMAN


52 Lombardy Cresent,
Toronto, Ontario,
M1K 4N9
Tel: (+234)  0700GOLDMAN

Products & Services

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At Goldman Industrial Manufacturing Company we believe in providing the best-quality services at the most competitive prices without compromising the integrity of the project. Goldman Industrial Manufacturing Company recognizes that each client has a unique set of needs fueled by lifestyle, budget, taste and/or location. We strive to exceed customer expectations by developing comprehensive, creative, custom-tailored solutions. In addition, Goldman Industrial Manufacturing Company offers seamless one-stop shopping -  from supply of Absorbeez water-absorbent bags, to the production of Steel Nails, production, supply and installation of precast concretes such as: Interlocking stones, Curb stones, Culvert Rings, Fencing Poles, High and Low Tension Electric poles, including; Equipment Leasing, Transportation and Oil & Gas Contractors. Our professional staff guides our clients step-by-step through design, scheduling and implementation of all projects from start to finish. Give us a call today.!



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Absorbeez are the original water-absorbent bags and they absorb more water than anything else we know. They come in the largest range of sizes of any water-absorbent bags and are the only bags you can get that come in a double, hand-stitched, rip, drip and burst resistant polyester covering. You can use them as a sandbag alternative or for containing leaks from pipes or appliances.

Where you may need three sandbags or other sandbag alternatives to cover a single door’s width, you will need just one Absorbeez. They come in manageable pack sizes but unless you have them ready for a flood, it might be too late. Absorbeez - Solutions to stop flooding and protect your property wherever you are.

Developed by Action Dry - an innovative and professional flood and fire damage mitigation specialist, we supply a range of products originally engineered for use in damage mitigation and flooding which can be used as flood defense barriers for a myriad of applications where industry standard flood bags and absorbent products were demanded.

Absorbeez flood and water absorbent products are manufactured to a specification far ahead of anything else available in terms of performance and cost effectiveness. And, they are available in a range of sizes.

Always be prepared for the possibility of a flood. Absorbeez could help you to keep your property dry and save you thousands of pounds. No other bag can absorb so much water.

Absorbeez have been used extensively as a flood defence method in both commercial and domestic situations.

How to Stop Flood.

You can help to stop flooding to your home by laying a line of Absorbeez bags across the most vulnerable entrances. To stop flooding to garages, lay one of our 7250mm booms across the entrance or a series of 1800mm bags. A good method to stop flooding to the basement is to lay Absorbeez bags across the top of the steps leading down and at the access point to the basement itself where our 1000mm bags would do the job. To stop a flooding loft, where water is entering by way of a leak in the roof, lay several Absorbeez 600mm bags under the area where the leak is and they will absorb the water and save you possible £ thousands in an insurance claim.

Protect your home from flooding.

With a range of bags from 100mm to 7250mm booms we are the only company who can supply a bag most suitable for the job. Use just one Absorbeez bag where you would need two or three from another company, or traditional sandbags, proving that our bags not only absorb more water, but are also much more cost effective. So, when it comes to house flood protection, we are the number 1 choice.

Solutions to stop flooding - we have so many.


It's not just our range that can offer so many solutions to flooding problems, it is also the performance and quality of our flood and absorbent products that makes the difference. We use the highest quality core material that is welded together in layers which insures that our bags are well balanced and do not send all the absorbent material to one end. We use a special stretch fabric for our bags which is able to absorb huge amounts of water and stretch as the bag expands - without losing shape. We double stitch the bags so that they won’t break under the stress of so much water. Absorbeez are the only product on the market with a hand-stitched, anti-rip, drip and burst-resistant woven covering that stretches as the bag expands.



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Goldman Industrial Manufacturing Company Transportation service is a national provider of heavy-haul logistics and transportation services for the construction, mining, and agriculture equipment markets. We have been discovering and serving the needs of the construction industry for years. The philosophy of our company is honesty first and foremost; honesty with our customers, suppliers and employees.

Bigger dimensions and heavier weights

In many industries, plants are being constructed at ever-larger scales. The same trend is seen in civil construction projects, where infrastructures continue to increase in size. These changes require that ever larger and heavier objects – such as components, prefabricated modules and infrastructural elements like bridges – are fabricated, transported and installed. As a consequence, the requirements for transport services are changing, and service providers must accommodate bigger dimensions and heavier weights while adhering to increasingly higher safety standards. The right transport solutions meet these needs and can help optimize construction schedules and, in many cases, move deadlines forward. Our lineup of flatbed trucks ensures safe delivery of larger loads that require special handling like crane-loading.

Oil & Gas

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With years’ of experience, Goldman Industrial Manufacturing Company delivers optimal engineering solutions to the oil, gas and petrochemicals sectors around the world.

We closely integrate with our clients by understanding their challenges and needs. As long-term partners we are often reappointed by our clients for the safe and timely implementation of fast track projects.

Our full range of services spans from concept to commissioning, including advisory and feasibility studies.

Whether for small or large scale projects, onshore and offshore we help our clients overcome their challenges in the most culturally and geographically diverse environments.


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Goldman Limited we combine the value we put on the quality in production and the specialization depending on the experience of years. Our products are manufactured with latest technology, under high quality standards.

Our steel nail products are made from special steel and are hardened with heat treatment. They are used as join material for wood, concrete and metal. They move along smoothly on the spot they are nailed and hold there due to the helical or flat knurls on the nail surface and the sharp angle of the nail.